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What is the difference between WHM and WHMCS? Print

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WHM and WHMCS are two completely separate products made by different companies. WHM is part of the cPanel & WHM product made by cPanel, LLC, while WHMCS is made by WHMCS Limited.

WHM provides a set of features to manage your cPanel server, its services, and its accounts. WHMCS provides automated functionality for account management, including billing services.

WHMCS does automate some tasks in WHM, however, they are independent products.

Let’s learn more, what you can do with WHM:

1.Manage cPanel Accounts.
2.Create Hosting Packages.
3.Customize cPanel For Branding Purposes.

Let’s learn more, what you can do with WHMCS:

1.Customer Support and Management
2.Billing Management
3.Order Management
4.Billing Management
5.Reporting System
6.Fraud Management
7.Domain Registration System

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