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How to use the Add a DNS Zone feature in WHM Print

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The abbreviation "DNS" stands for Domain Name System and it is used to translate domain names into IP addresses so any pair of computer systems can communicate with each other.

The DNS Zone of a domain name contains small pieces of information known as DNS records used to provide information to the DNS service in order to show a website, send or receive an email, etc.

When a domain is being used to access a website your web browser submits a query towards the DNS zone of the accessed domain using your local DNS service. This query should be then answered by the Web Hosting Server where that DNS zone is being stored with a DNS record providing the correct IP address of the accessed website. With that piece of information, your web browser knows where to send the web requests and the cycle of communication begins until the website is finally rendered.

Typically when a cPanel account is created, WHM will automatically create the DNS zone for its primary domain. However, there are cases when you might want to add a DNS zone for a domain without actually associating the domain with an existing cPanel account. In such cases, you will be unable to manage a website for that domain name and WHM will display a default page when the added domain is being accessed.

In this guide, we will be looking over the “Add a DNS Zone” feature that allows you to add DNS zones to your server from the WHM control panel. 


Accessing the Add a DNS Zone feature


Step1: Log into WHM.


Step2: Search for Add a DNS Zone.


Step3: On the “Add a DNS Zone” page, you will notice the “Domain Selection” heading and underneath, two fields - an IP address field and a Domain name field.


Step4: In the “IPv4 Address” field, please type the IP address where you want the domain to resolve to. In the second one, please type the desired domain name. Please note that you need to own this domain and it needs to be pointed to your server’s nameserver with us in order for the domain to be able to resolve to the configured IP address. Also, the IP address you are configuring needs to be the actual IP address of your VPS or Dedicated Server with us.

Below these two fields, you will find a search bar that can be used to filter accounts on the server and associate the DNS Zone you are adding with a selected cPanel account. This is completely optional, as you can add the DNS zone on the server without choosing an account. When you are have filled in the IP address and domain name, please press the “Add Zone” button located at the bottom of the page.


Step5: Note that this way, the DNS zone will be owned by the system and this zone will be invisible from any of the cPanel accounts hosted on the same server. Also, this DNS zone may only be edited through the WHM control panel.


Step6: If you want to add this DNS Zone under a specific account, then what you need to do is enter the required information in the aforementioned fields and then use the radio button to select an existing cPanel account. Finally, press the “Add Zone” button at the bottom of the screen.


Step7: WHM will then add the zone to your server and will present you with the result of the process.

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